Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Breathing Tantra

One of the many benefits tantric massage London can hold is the ability to teach breathing techniques that are both arousing and soothing. As there are two different phases in the Guilty Pleasures tantric massage (the active and the rest stages) it’s important to know that the breathing that is done on both is different and designed to either exalt sexual pleasure or delay nearing the climax.

It is important to learn when and how to inhale and exhale with purpose. Breathing through your nose, if possible, is an excellent way to control and be conscious of the way you are breathing. The better you can control your breathing the better and longer the sessions can be. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly fill your lungs. Push the diaphragm down. This technique is achieved by extending your stomach as you fill your lungs. Think of your body like a balloon that expands when filled with air.
Here are a couple of other breathing techniques to try:

Crow beak breathing. Curl your tongue and gently move it beyond your lips. When you do this you’ll be left with a little 'straw' you can inhale from. Once you have filled your lungs with air close your mouth and hold your breath for as long as is comfortable. Then release gently through the nose. This breathing technique is cooling and helps control an orgasm.

Sitkari.  Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, keeping your tongue in this position inhale slowly through the mouth. This should force you to make a slight hissing sound.           
As usual, hold your breath and then exhale through the nose. This breathing form is a variation of the aforementioned one.  

By controlling which nostril you breathe through you’ll be able to either heat your body (breathing only through the right) or cool it down (breathing only through the left).  

Another good technique is to practice panting. This is done by letting your tongue just slightly move past your lips as you hold your mouth open. As you breathe rapidly pay attention that the breaths are being drawn from your stomach and not your throat. This is another technique that works by heating the body and brings on excitability.

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